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Digital Media solution offers specialist PPC services in Cheshire and the North West of England. Our paid advertising service comes with expert knowledge on paid advertising platforms, creative analytics and semantic research. Whatever your type of business, we can broaden your online reach amid cutthroat markets.


With a Digital Media Solution-run PPC campaign, you are sure to enjoy quick results, cost-efficiency and invaluable market data. In short, we know what to do to make sure you get your money’s worth.

True Pay per Click Pros

Any digital marketing business can offer you PPC services, but not all do PPC well. PPC is a multi-billion pound industry with numerous advertisers and businesses competing for clicks. It takes specialist PPC creativity and know-how to make your pay per click campaign a cost-efficient, client-generating machine.

Our team of specialists can help you point out the best set of keywords that can attract high-value leads for the least cost. They also have the rigour and transparency to track and inform you about which ads are working and which are not. From the market data our team gathers, we can advise you on the next best course of action.

True Pay per Click Pros

Is your audience ready to buy?

Attracting quality leads increases the chances of sales or walk-ins. At Digital Media Solution, we craft a PPC strategy that attracts the right market to ensure maximum returns. Our PPC solutions include audience creation or retargeting to lure in prospective clients who are ready to buy or just need a little nudge.

Beyond AdWords

Google Adwords gives the biggest reach to advertisers. That’s why we utilise this platform for our clients. But we don’t stop there. Whether you want your name to be seen in other search networks or you want to utilise social media advertising, we deliver. Just tell us what you want to achieve and you can leave the rest to us.

At Digital Media Solution, we care about your time and money as much as you do. We design our strategy with the aim of moving your business forward.

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