To put it simply, reputation management is managing your company’s online reputation. Okay, we know what you are thinking… “I don’t need reputation management, I can do this myself”.

Unfortunately, with this mind set, reputation management is likely to be something you don’t feel your company needs, until you really need it!

In the online world today, we are completely at home with the idea of being transparent to our customers. We allow people to comment on our blog content, connect with us on every social media channel out there and leave us company feedback on a host of review sites. Which is all wonderful, until we receive some negative feedback which damages our company image.

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how reputation management can come into play:

Monitoring – Ensuring you are monitoring your company’s online reputation is a good place to start. If you are not aware of negative feedback relating your company, how can you manage it?

Responding – The way you respond and deal with any negative feedback relating to your company can often have a huge impact. A polite and fast acknowledgement is always recommended.

Learning – Taking some time to review any online criticism your company may receive is a great way to help you address any issues and help you enhance your company for the future.

Although, it is a nice idea to believe we will be able to deal with online criticism ourselves, we unfortunately never know when could happen and time may not always be on our side. Not only will engaging with a reputation manager eliminate this concern, having the outside advice of an expert will also enable your company to tackle the situation in the best possible way.

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